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Two ventricle conversion

We come across children with abnormalities in their hearts that cannot be repaired in one stage. Some of them give the initial impression that complete correction into a normal system of 2 ventricles is not possible or inadvisable at the present time. They are called single ventricle candidates. These children are often palliated with interim procedures like PA banding, BT shunt, BDG shunt etc. some of these procedures induce growth of a hypo-plastic ventricle. Some just give time for the child to grow for a second stage palliation. They are kept under close follow-up. But all is not lost. With modern imaging and functional studies; it is possible to plan a separation of the systemic and pulmonary circulations into a series. The execution of these operations to give 2 separate circulations in order to maximize efficiency of the circulatory system is known as 2-ventricle conversion of a previously single ventricle candidate.