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Cardiac surgery with minimum morbidity

Cardiac surgery with minimum morbidity is essential as we are constantly raising the bar on quality of heath care, yet working to reduce the cost of medical care for patient and the family. The most cost effective technique done to reduce cost of health care is to reduce the duration of hospitalization. The common causes of prolonged hospitalization in our specialty are:
1.     Arrhythmias
2.     Heart block
3.     Ventricular ectopy
4.     Atrial fibrillation
5.     Myocardial infarction
6.     Respiratory insufficiency and prolonged vetialtion
7.     GI disorder
8.     GI bleed
9.     Ischemic colon
10.   CVA.
11.   Infection of leg wound, sternum and Blood culture positive sepsis.
By being aware of the necessity to reduce the financial burden of pediatric cardiac surgery, we are able to optimize children prior to surgery and  with minimum tissue handling and shorter duration of anesthesia, we plan forward to be able to enhance the rate of recovery in the Post op ICU.