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Neonatal cardiac surgery

Neonatal surgeries are done in children who are less than 4 weeks old. Some of these conditions are only compatible with life in the mother’s womb. As soon as the child is born, normal changes that occur start to destabilize the child and intervention is needed. With improving technology and expertise in India, these operations are now being done with success rated similar to the west. The list below covers most such conditions.

* Duct dependent pulmonary circulation treatment - BT shunt . With the advent of better surgical results, the indications for a Modified BT shunt are becoming fewer.

* Duct dependent systemic circulation - Arch interruption repair / COA repair

* D-TGA - Arterial switch operation - Balloon atrial septostomy if indicated in the first few days of life, then ASO is done at 2-3 weeks of age. It Can be done earlier, if indicated

* TAPVC – emergent Repair is indicated because there is very little of oxygen carrying blood that reaches the left ventricle.

* Majority of these children will have no residual issues and grow up to be normal individuals in the society.